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Museum of Wimbledon – Photographic Exhibition – Wimbledon ‘Now and Then’ – 3rd December 2013 to the 3rd March 2014

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Wimbledon ‘Now and Then’

 3 December 2013 – 3 March 2014

‘Now and Then’, is an exhibition by the Museum of Wimbledon and its photographs curator, Simon Joseph.

Change is everywhere today and particularly in Wimbledon where buildings rise and fall, the use of areas alters and landscapes are affected. You may perceive change as a good (moving forward) thing or bad (destroying the past and its heritage) thing but, like it or not, change is inevitable.

This exhibition is about change. Fortunately, the Museum of Wimbledon holds an impressive archive of prints, watercolours, postcards and photographs depicting Wimbledon over the past few hundred years. The advent of postcards and photographs made recording the quick and still life of Wimbledon more accessible to more people over the past century or so.

You will see in this exhibition how Wimbledon has changed during the last century. Using images from the past, Dr Simon Joseph – a retired cardiologist now turned photographer – has recreated a selection of views of Wimbledon, where possible from the point where they were originally recorded. To do this he has, in some instances, risked life and limb, standing in the middle of swirling traffic where a pavement has disappeared, tackling the tram head on, braving the rush-­hour crowds of Wimbledon Station and climbing up into the cupola of the theatre – all to achieve spectacular present-­day shots.

Further information

Directions to the museum and opening times can be found at

Further information can be found in the Museum itself where the volunteer staff will be happy to answer any queries and help you to look further into the archived past.    Send article as PDF   

Stuart & Tahira in ‘His and Hers’. From the 16th to the 22nd July 2013

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Two fine artists, husband and wife, Stuart Simler and Tahira Mandarino.

The artworks brought together in this showcase present a collection of individual pieces that highlight their interpretations to ‘landscape’ and the ‘figure’.

The exhibition also offers the opportunity to view a unique series of collaborative works; ‘….in small pictures ‘ and new works yet to be exhibited.

Stuart Simler is a freelance tutor and educator and Tahira Mandarino

is currently studying at Wimbledon College of Art for her MFA in Fine Art.


16th to the 22nd July    Send article as PDF   

Photography exhibition ‘Escape’ by Alex Nemeth. Featuring seascape and landscape photographs from Wimbledon Common to the Nepal Himalayas. Exhibition runs from Wednesday the 5th June until Monday 10th June. 10.30am to 6pm.

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‘Affection’                                                                                         ‘Sunrise behind Mt Everest’

Photographer Alex is quickly gaining worldwide recognition for her ability to capture nature’s exquisite sanctuaries in rare and ephemeral moments. Her timeless images such as Chance, Affection, Cho La Pass and Beaten Rock render her body of work more of a fine art experience than conventional photography. Alex is emerging as one of the most exciting young photographers in her genre.

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Art & Glass Exhibition by local artist Cynthia Hatcher

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Art & Glass Exhibition

by local artist Cynthia Hatcher


 The Wimbledon Village Hall Gallery, SW19 4QD


 Tuesday 28th May 2pm – 6pm

Wednesday 29th to Sunday 2nd June 10am – 6pm

Monday 3rd June 10am – 2pm


I have exhibited and sold art work at

The Mall Gallery, London    Send article as PDF