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London artist Jodi Jones is bringing her mixed media abstract paintings to Wimbledon Village next month and is inviting local people to help create her next piece of art.
The four-day exhibition opens on Saturday 3 October at the Norman Plastow Gallery in Lingfield Road. Anyone who stops by will be encouraged to create a shape by drawing or using a pair of scissors, a coloured piece of paper and some instructions. By the end of the exhibition, Jodi will collate all the shapes together and use this to inspire her next painting.    Send article as PDF   

New awards scheme for young Wimbledon artists


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The first YWA Summer Show 2015 was a curated exhibition of work produced by students from ten of our local schools, colleges and academies. The schools, colleges and academies were all asked to choose pieces of work that best represented their student’s artistic talents. The work displayed was a truly eclectic mix that not only displays the talents that are being developed within our local teaching establishments, but also showed outstanding levels of artistic merit by the individual students.

Prizes of £50 were awarded to the following students Bassam Awalli from Rutlish School, Huiya Huang from Raynes Park High School, Aimosson Scott from Cricket Green School and a best in show prize of £75 was awarded to Kodai Dow who was also from Rutlish School.

YWA is an award scheme designed to promote Young Wimbledon Artists. It offers schools, colleges and academies in Merton, local young artists and groups of young artists who live in the borough a platform to have their work exhibited in the Norman Plastow Gallery, which is part of the Wimbledon Village Hall Trust. These unique exhibitions will be annual events within the galleries calendar.

For further information about YWA or Norman Plastow Gallery contact Mike Robbins.

The Norman Plastow Gallery is designed to provide a unique and versatile exhibition space for amateur and professional artists, schools and colleges to display their original artistic works. It forms part of the Wimbledon Village Hall Trust facilities and is an important part of its charitable activities.

In line with the Trust’s aim to encourage local schools and colleges to make use of the gallery, I am very pleased to inform you that we have developed an arts initiative to facilitate this aim.

This exciting new initiative takes the form of an award scheme entitled YWA, which stands for Young Wimbledon Artists. We feel it is really important that students from our local schools and colleges in Merton and individual young artists or groups of young artists have an opportunity to exhibit their work within a gallery environment. Our aim is to put on regular curated exhibitions funded by the gallery and Trust, and open to the public so they can view the work produced by our Young Wimbledon Artists.

These exhibitions will become annual art event and it is our hope that they form an important part of your school or college’s academic calendar. The first of these will be a Summer Show to be held in July 15-27 with a private view to which all exhibitors their parents and teachers will be invited. The artistic works exhibited in this show will be in response to a competition set for Key Stage 3, A2 and A Level students with the theme Wonders of Wimbledon.    Send article as PDF   

Museum of Wimbledon – Photographic Exhibition – Wimbledon ‘Now and Then’ – 3rd December 2013 to the 3rd March 2014

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Wimbledon ‘Now and Then’

 3 December 2013 – 3 March 2014

‘Now and Then’, is an exhibition by the Museum of Wimbledon and its photographs curator, Simon Joseph.

Change is everywhere today and particularly in Wimbledon where buildings rise and fall, the use of areas alters and landscapes are affected. You may perceive change as a good (moving forward) thing or bad (destroying the past and its heritage) thing but, like it or not, change is inevitable.

This exhibition is about change. Fortunately, the Museum of Wimbledon holds an impressive archive of prints, watercolours, postcards and photographs depicting Wimbledon over the past few hundred years. The advent of postcards and photographs made recording the quick and still life of Wimbledon more accessible to more people over the past century or so.

You will see in this exhibition how Wimbledon has changed during the last century. Using images from the past, Dr Simon Joseph – a retired cardiologist now turned photographer – has recreated a selection of views of Wimbledon, where possible from the point where they were originally recorded. To do this he has, in some instances, risked life and limb, standing in the middle of swirling traffic where a pavement has disappeared, tackling the tram head on, braving the rush-­hour crowds of Wimbledon Station and climbing up into the cupola of the theatre – all to achieve spectacular present-­day shots.

Further information

Directions to the museum and opening times can be found at

Further information can be found in the Museum itself where the volunteer staff will be happy to answer any queries and help you to look further into the archived past.    Send article as PDF